Benefits of Genuine Toyota Parts

November 30th, 2019 by

Genuine Toyota Parts

Toyota Parts Unlimited: Customize Your Ride with Jordan Toyota

Are you looking to enhance and further customize your new Toyota vehicle? The best option is using Genuine Toyota parts or Toyota replacement parts when you need to replace a broken part in your older Toyota vehicle.

Aftermarket Parts vs. OEM

Genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are designed, created, and made by the manufacturer. OEM parts will perfectly fit your vehicle, enhancing your vehicle’s performance and functionality.

Aftermarket parts are made by a third-party and not guaranteed to perfectly fit. You may be wondering about the benefits of genuine Toyota parts and Toyota aftermarket parts. There are many!

What are the Benefits of Genuine Toyota Parts?

  • Reliability: When comparing aftermarket vs. OEM, aftermarket parts are usually a lot cheaper than genuine Toyota parts, but they’re also less reliable since quality varies quite a bit. Paying a bit less vastly increases the chance of breakdown in Granger or detecting problems as you travel from Niles to South Bend.
  • Fit: Whether you’re getting Toyota replacement parts or genuine Toyota body parts to enhance your vehicle’s performance, OEM parts are made specifically for the exact make and model of your car. While aftermarket parts will fit a variety of vehicles, they’re not a perfect fit.
  • Convenience: Most licensed Toyota service centers offer genuine Toyota parts already in stock, and ready to install promptly.
  • Warranty Protection: Adding an aftermarket part to your vehicle makes the manufacturer’s warranty invalid. It’s essential to use genuine OEM Toyota parts to keep yourself protected from larger expenses in the future.

Save Using Parts Coupons and Specials

At Jordan Toyota, we understand how expensive and stressful replacing parts can be. To help alleviate your stress, we offer a rotating selection of parts coupons for discount OEM Toyota parts and service specials for additional savings. Our team of factory-trained and certified technicians work to ensure the right part is installed into your vehicle properly.

Contact the parts department if you have any questions about how to order parts, the availability of a specific part, or any parts-related questions. The team at Jordan Toyota is here to answer any questions and further assist you.