Basic Vehicle Maintenance

October 8th, 2018 by

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Keeping your new Toyota running smoothly through the streets of South Bend means properly caring for it. Besides caring for your interior and cleaning your vehicle properly, you also need to follow your vehicle’s basic maintenance schedule. This includes everything from replacing worn parts to making general well-being checks under your hood. Let’s take a look at why basic maintenance is so important, and what types of tasks you should perform regularly.

The Importance of Basic Vehicle Maintenance

  • Maintain Your Warranty: Ignoring basic maintenance needs can lead to more significant vehicle damage or failing parts. This, in turn, could void your warranty.
  • Stay Safe: Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape means more peace of mind. A properly maintained vehicle keeps you and your passengers safe and secure.
  • Save Money: Regularly checking on your vehicle means you can detect issues before they become severe. This can save you a major headache later, and save lots of money in the long run.
  • Remain Reliable: Breaking down on the streets of Osceola is frustrating. Align with your maintenance schedule to improve reliability and keep your car running efficiently.

Basic Maintenance Needs

To effectively maintain vehicle health, you should check on and/or replace the following parts/fluids as needed. This will ensure your Toyota is in the best shape it can be:

  • Check tire pressure/tread and practice proper tire care
  • Maintain fluid levels (power steering, transmission, window wash, coolant, oil, etc.)
  • Check your battery, clean the terminals, and replace as needed
  • Headlights
  • Cabin and engine air filters
  • Belts and hoses

Let Jordan Toyota Properly Service Your Vehicle

Most of these checks can be done at your home in Osceola, but make sure to bring your vehicle to Jordan Toyota for any serious service needs or parts replacement. Our expert service department can handle any service needs you have, just stop by our dealership in Mishawaka for any assistance you need!

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